Oral surgery
Medication with tooth implants
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Dr. Uliana Kiriakova
Graduated in Dental Faculty of Medical University, Sofia. Specialized in General Dentistry in Dental Faculty, Sofia. Specialized in Oral Surgery in Dental Faculty, Sofia.
  • Treatment of all variety of caries.
  • Treatment of pulpit, perodontitis and gangrenes.
  • Treatment of gingivas and perodontitis.
  • Restoration of fractured teeth.
  • Bleaching of teeth.
  • Making of splints for bruxism.
  • Making of flexible dentures.
  • Making of ceramic facets.
  • Making of crowns and bridge works - metal, blend crowns, with whole plastic aesthetic cover, metal-ceramics, palaponts and temporary crowns.
  Oral surgery  
  • Tooth extraction.
  • Extraction of deep fractured teeth and roots.
  • Germektomy - extraction of wisdom - teeth.
  • Apically osteotomya - resectionon top of the crown in cysts and granulomas.
  • Correction of alveolar arch, as preparartion for orthopedic treatments.
  • Hemisection and premolarization.
  • Cystektomy - surgery removal of cyst - Parch II's method.
  • Frenulotomy - correction of short hold frenulom
  • Surgery removal of retention cysts of salivary glands.
  • Parodontal surgery:
    • Curetage with lambo.
    • Surgery treatment of teeth resections.
    • Gingivectomy and gingi-pak - surgery correction of gingiva disease with gingivities and parodontitis.
    • Surgery treatment of parodontitis with deep surgery curetage and putting bone - substitute - Biooss + membrane and physiography.
  Medication with tooth implants  
  Teeth implants are inside-bones screws, which replace missing teeth. The general aim of implants is to restore missing single tooth or to secure enough fulcrums teeth for putting approriate denture constructions. That is also a way to eliminate part of the negative sites in denture recovering.
  Teeth implants are made from biological material compatible with human organism, without immunity response. That material is Ti – it allows setting of osteointegration, i.e. forming of new bone structure around the implant. After putting the implant, it starts osteointegrate, with activeness till 3-6 months. After that period the implant could be finally loaded up, by making and putting compatible denture. Untill that moment the patient bears temporary construction. Putting of the implant is preceded by paraclinical general check up and a profound analysis. The manipulation is made with a local anaesthetic. After the anaesthetic is put, by surgery way the bone is revealed and the place is prepared, the implant is put and gingiva sown up. Then, post-surgery care is neccessary, from the dentist and the patient. There are periodical control examinations – by intraoral examen the condition of the rounding implantgingival tissue is estimated, and the level of osteointegration and the bone structure round the implant can be seen by radiography.
  For successful treatment cares of the patient are important. Daily cleaning is neccessary around the implant with special interdental toothbrushes and excellent oral hygien. Dr. Kiriakova using in her practice the impant system called Allfit Kos Implant System, established from Dr. Ihde.
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